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I recently purchased a pack of Marlboro black menthol shorts and noticed something strange! I have been smoking the cigarettes for quite some time now so i know this has to be a issue throughout the company because the same thing happened to me at VA Beach.

My problem is, the Marlboro Company is packaging Marboro menthol’s in the Marboro menthol black packs. I used to smoke the Marboro menthol’s but I switched over to the Marlboro blacks for a bolder flavor.

there is no way I am mistaken please speak out or let me know if you have had the same problem and I would appreciate it greatly if I knew there were some Marboro black menthol lovers out there such as myself who are also irritated with this matter. The cigarettes are clearly not the same because Marboro black menthol’s Marbro logo on the cigarette is dark blue not green and the packaging is silver instead of black

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Cigarettes.

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I can't stand the new menthol blacks. It is not the cigarettes I started smoking that switched me to menthol.

I've been trying to find a new kind and camel smooth is pretty good. I really do wish they would switch back


Same with the Reds!!!


I have these new cigarettes I will be no longer buying Marbolo menthol Bosch's ever again. Unless they switch back I'm beyond upset


I've been going to random low traveled gas stations to find the 'old' packs. If the pack has that BS code stamp, I dont want em.


I'm having the same problem only certain places have them maybe I'm to the point I'm ready to just order them unless it's a company *** up and it's be the same as ordering them I've also noticed the actual blacks have the writing on the peak off but now they are just silver


I actually noticed when I opened my pack that the foil was silver instead of its usual black. And i just noticed that the cigarettes are menthol and not menthol blacks.... so weird


ive been having the same problem in Kentucky. I smoke Marlboro black 100s and have noticed that if there is a code inside the box the cigarettes inside are for sure Marlboro red 100s. ive compared them to the actual Marlboro red 100s cigarette


Same here in Indiana


I've had the same issue and I can tell the bad packs from the good now! *** me off to the point where I want to switch brands!


Same in MA, except unlike some of the other commenters I never receive the pack with silver foil, I always get the normal black foil but the wrong cigs inside. I seriously thought I was going crazy, I’ve been trying to get a right pack and a wrong pack at the same time just so I can see it for myself.

It’s *** because the Black menthols are just an overall better tasting cigarette.

I’ve unfortunately been smoking Newport’s but it’s just not the same. Hopefully the situation gets fixed soon.


running into the same problem up in Massachusetts. i smoke black menthol 100's.

this happened to me the first time early last year.

recently it's been happening A LOT! not pleased.


I’m here from Greenville, NC. I smoke Marlboro Menthol Black 100s, I thought I was crazy, because for the past few months we’ve been receiving regular marlboros in our packs. I’ve been smoking these cigarettes for some time now, but I’m pissed they’re putting the wrong ones in !!


I live in the phoenix arizona area , I smoke Marlboro black 100s. And have noticed that my normal Marlboro blacks have been tasting quite light and noticed they are the wrong cigarettes they are Marlboro reds packaged in our black package.

Its been like this for quite some time now and occasionally we get the correct cigarettes in our packaging and noticed they are only our regular cigarettes if they do not have the stamp on the top of the package. This is truly irritating.


You got to be serious. Have you done the math on the rewards.

Now thats something to complain about like seriously who cares about wrong packaging. How about the $3,421.25 set of beats headphones thats on the rewards. Since when does the walmart beats by dre version cost more than $150.

Because thats what your getting after you spend money on a pack every day for 17.75 months. Try complaining about something real instead of this garbage.

to Anonymous #1696203

I've been calculating all the prizes too. I totally agree with you.

The amount of money spent on the cigarettes is way too much for the "cracker jack" prizes they are giving away. $2492.00 I think I added up for the Drone that I am saving for. Most the bigger prizes should be updated to better items. Take out the jackets and replace it with a T.V.

A jacket should not be a top prize. Just saying.


Has anyone noticed the marlboro reds have small holes in them by the filter? This is my 4th pack in a row !!!


I have been having this issue with the 100’s too. It’s been about 3 months.

At first it was only certain places, now it doesn’t matter where I go. The black paper is back instead of the foil but the cigarettes are still regular Marlboro menthols. I contacted the company and they reimbursed me for the one pack, the card took almost a month to get here. They told me if it happens again I would have to send the pack in.

I don’t have the money to send every pack in just to buy a new one so I haven’t called them to tell them again. But I’m not happy and wish they’d get their *** together.


The past four packs I've got from my local Cumberland farms have been regular Marlboro menthol 100's in a Marlboro Black 100's pack.




YES! I have noticed the same thing and can’t seem to find real Menthol Blacks anywhere.

I called Marlboro Customer Service to complain and they basically told me that I was wrong. They said that they just “changed the style of the cigarettes”.

Totally false. Marlboro: please fix this!

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