Cleveland, Ohio

To Whom It May Concern:

As a long time user of your product "Marlboro" red box I am now a little concerned that the taste of your product has now changed.

I am now detecting a harsh dry chemical taste.

My question is. Has your company done something to alter the cigarettes and their taste. Perhaps there are new government guidlines or safety recommendations that is resulting in the changes you have made.

I have enjoyed this brand over the years, but now I ponder whether to change brands alltogether.

I would hate to change but I can no longer tolerate this dreadful taste and after taste.


Ben Cooper

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Iv been smoking reds 100s for 12 years now and last maybe six months or more I have noticed a huge difference in the ciggs taste and I hate it!!!also have been smoking way more like they put something in it to make it even more addictive and my lungs are killing me IV talked to a few others that are saying the same things.what's going on???


After reading other reviews I see I am not the only one who has noticed a change in the flavor of Regular Marlboro Blacks.Over the last couple of months I can smell an awful burning paper smell and after taste.

It isn't every pack either but as more time goes by it is happening more often than not.

If the company is trying to save money, they are ruining my smokes.Is Marlboro going to do anything to keep it's customers?

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1235359


Baldwin Park, California, United States #1219778

The Marlboro are really bad now I been smoking them for a long time now but I change over reasonly they are harsh and when you pull them you pull real hard and you get nothing I have been wasting my money I kept throwing them away so I finally change

England, United Kingdom #1187634

Ps. I'm from Britain no idea what the .....fda is!!!!!!! I want the American dream while smoking in the royal country of Berkshire.( round the corner from the queen 's house in Windsor

Red la
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I totally agree.Is it down to the 'new filter' !!!!

Or possibly because of a different tobacco mix. The new 'Marlboro Red' has a very nasty ( never mind dangerous ) problem of burning out mid way thou smoking a cigarette...........and please don't get me ranting about ABOUT the new bloody packages.

Ps I am 31 year Marlboro red smoker.I have always said that if I was going to give myself cancer I was going to do smoking a my favourite brand.But I'm really looking at ....God forbid..vaporize.


Marlboro black cigarettes have been tasting bad too.They hotbox without me taking repetitive drags, and are much harder to smoke.

The taste is no longer robust, it's like they have more a burnt taste from the cigarettes burning too quickly. I am going to quit too. I wish I had never started up again.

I hope this attempt to be my last.It's sad that they cost sooo much, and now quality is diminished.


Agree TOTALLY with Ben's comments above , and for that matter Lady Gaga as well

What have these people done ??????

Best smoke EVER going up in smoke .

I wish this could get to them - the CEO , CMO and entire CRM dept should be fired on the spot - how is it possible that something like this can slip through .

Deeply disappointed , now I have to buy Lucky Strike or Camel Classic


Grosschem cigs
Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, United States #863548

It's very likely you picked up a counterfeit pack-they've bee making their way around the country, look like the real thing, but smell awful, like your smoking embalming fluid mixed with silver cleaner.It is a crime for these Chinese producers to make them-an they put everything from the sewer, kitchen sink drain, and chemical plant waste silos, into these phony killer sticks.

You need to find a more trustworthy seller, or threaten that you will have their cigarette sales looked into, where you bought them.


It's the same here in italy, and in all the EU, marlboro taste has changed as long as they've introduced low ingition propensity in the paper, but even if you get the tobacco and tube or roll again it you get the same... it's disgusting.

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