To Whom It May Concern:

As a long time user of your product "Marlboro" red box I am now a little concerned that the taste of your product has now changed.

I am now detecting a harsh dry chemical taste.

My question is. Has your company done something to alter the cigarettes and their taste. Perhaps there are new government guidlines or safety recommendations that is resulting in the changes you have made.

I have enjoyed this brand over the years, but now I ponder whether to change brands alltogether.

I would hate to change but I can no longer tolerate this dreadful taste and after taste.


Ben Cooper

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Cigarettes.

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This has me very confused as well ! There has been a change in the packaging as well.

The newer packs have a rewards symbol on the top of the box ( the odd tasting one).

But i can sometimes find the " original" flavored ones in the packages which don't have the symbol on top. What is up??!!


Marlboro has definitely done something.These things are horrible and I'm getting sick from them. I’m coughing all day/night, since these came out.


It seems they also added more menthol flavor to UL menthols. I now have (what feels like) heartburn all the time. Not happy and am switching as this sucks.


I switched to Marlboro Red Label. I believe the blacks are now the same as special blend or plain Marlboro 100's...they certainly are not the original Marlboro Blacks!!


They switched the Marlboro blacks to regular menthol , I didn’t want to purchase these


Red special blend 100 smoker for years and years. They are 100% different smokes at this point.

The filter gets really dark really quick and have stained my teeth in a few months they taste like *** and are way more harsh than they have ever been. This is an absolute joke, I will be switching brands asap sucks because I hate change and really prefer not too but this is uncalled for.

to SolidDove135 #1674619

Buy the black reds. I had to buy special selects cause I believe they switched. If your selects taste harsh that's because the blacks are a bold taste.


I think Marlboro box is horrible now I don’t know what happened They used to be the best cigarettes and the only cigarettes I whatever smoke however I recently switched over to the Marlboro red soft pack and that is the way Marbro used to Taste maybe it’s because were expensive to manufacture the box the tobacco is of less quality I’m not sure but all I know is most super premium cigarettes come in soft packs ymmv but I think the soft pack Marlboro is a day and night different compared to the box


So in case anyone was wondering, do a side by side with the regular green menthol pack, it's literally the same ciggerettes they're putting in the mentol black packs and selling them to us as so. Buying out the the original ones from anywhere I can find them now because supposedly our ciggerettes are not coming back. From one pissed off costumer to another.


To me its the same taste you get after being in the fumes of "grout" for too long.... am I now smoking formaldehyde??? Brian https://www.facebook.com/beanmia


So glad I'm not the only person thinking this. The pack of Reds I got last week taste...


I almost want to say it's like mint - not quite, but that's the only thing I can think to compare it to. Something isn't right.


Marlboro midnights have changed in taste also I can't stand the taste and I have smoked them since they came out

to Anonymous #1683974

Agree!!yes they do


i smoke marlboro black shorts regular the cigs taste awful and there is no more ring around them... its missing something in it


What happened to these cigarettes??OMG Smoking 50 years and every store you go into..the price is different ,the taste is horrendous and now there coming with a sticker that peels off on the bottom of the pack..those cigarettes are antibiotics fast..headache,pain in the eyes,blistery lips and can't swallow...A cold feeling like hypothermia..ugh you need to investigate this kind of stuff...everybody knows smoking is bad for you but?????? you can die really fast from the tobacco there using now..not right


Marlboro golds are stronger. Taste more like a Marlboro Red. I have been having heart palpitations due to too much nicotine and I am not smoking any more than I did before.


And now most of the packs I buy the black 100s now have gold rings around them?? And only noticed because they didn't teast right

to RhetoricalPussMoth497 #1683973

Me too they taste light


Marlboro taste like *** now it was my favorite cigarette for years now they have added something to them that makes them taste absolutely nasty I'm switching brands


I agree. They dont taste the same at all..

Im about to change brands all together.

Becaise to me, it tastes almost like a Marlboro Red. Which i dont like, they arent strong enough for me..

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