The Marlboro rewards program is such a joke.We pay so much for this brand and they give us cheap rewards.The prizes are junk and it will take a year just to have enough for a cheap prize.They made it so nobody will ever have enough rewards to get the highest prizes.It's nowhere like the Marlboro miles back in the day.You could actually get some good stuff from that.I still have a lot of stuff I won from the miles program years ago.Also some days the site wont even load.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I emailed them quite a bit ago, back in February I believe specifically about the price comparison to rewards points, and how I could order the Fugoo tough BT speaker for basically $110, but it would end up costing me $320,000 worth of cig smoking (at 44,200 rewards points) and I can only put in 30 codes a month was ridiculously not feasible. All they said in return was "we will bring it to attention. Thanks for the email." Pretty stupid..


I agree


I agree! The rewards program is a joke and so are the cheap gifts!

*** u need like 20,000 points for a glass, WTF! I will be stopping the program and smoking them.

I'm am actually a Newporr gal anyway! And Marlboro could actually send a few coupons every now and then, damn!


so I live in NYC and haven't spent a penny on smokes and have 6200 points. I find empty packs everywhere and have been slowly building like that.

so my suggestion. is if you live in a big city look for empty packs. everywhere from gas station trashes to the side of the road.

I usually just take a picture with my phone so I don't have to really touch the packs! sooo yea, hope that helps


Agreed. The prizes suck, and the value of the prizes compared to the amount of money you have to spend on cigs is astronomical.

Example the g shock watch is worth 110 dollars buts its 30,000 something ponts. Absolute joke. Im at like 8000 ppints and i can get a 15 dollar carhart beanie.

Woohooo. Good job marlboro, you really know how to show customer appreciation

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