Every time i saved enough points for things on “My wish list”.. they would not be available..

no joke! So i took all of the things off the “wish list”..! A month or 2 later, BOOM! Mysteriously all of “My wish list” initial items were NOW available..in stock.program Needless to say, i spent a lot of extra time doing YOUR marketing quizzes and watched the monthly videos, entered pack codes (all the while- my iOS devices are running data on your open website) And yes, earned the points you offer from ALL of THE TIME SPENT doing these things for your marketing program...AND saved up my points.

So Nov 2019 comes around, 11 months after I began your program.. i went to “Redeem for Visa E-Cards” (For 1 $50 and 1 $25 Visa e-cards), and surprisingly ALL WERE “Out of Stock” ! Please explain, how on earth do e-cards go “Out of Stock”?

They are electronic. I remember feeling really let down.

User's recommendation: “In Stock, Not.” Don’t save points, just redeem..

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Rewards Program.

Marlboro Pros: More items in catalog presently july 2020.

Marlboro Cons: Removes popular items whimsically.

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