I have smoked Marlboro Red my entire adult life and enjoyed them. Now they make me sick, taste horribly, leave me with a dry mouth and cause diarrhea and nausea.

For a while I didnt know what was going on but then I heard: something was changed so they automatically stop burning to prevent fires. Nice one, well when some *** leaves his cigarette in his bed or anywhere else than an ashtray and kills himself that's his problem.

But what I hate most is that now the tobacco industry (at least in my country, Belgium) claims that smell and taste have remain identical. Look, smokers are fools, got ya, yeah granted but if the industry thinks we won't notice they are badly mistaken, so because friends of mine that smoke other brands feel the same I am forced to either quit or start rolling again like in the good old times.

So, just a word of advice to the industry: admit the change in taste, do something about it and then advertise that big time, because the first brand to come up with something smokeable (wichever one it is) might very well become the new number one.

Review about: Marlboro Cigarettes.

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Slidell, Louisiana, United States #601713

You are breathing cancerous smoke. And you're worried about them tasting bad?

Tasting bad is probably a favor.

Take the hint. :roll


Nice reviews))) :grin :grin

I like my marlboros, and it might be the problem in the place you are buying them.As for me, for instance, those made in USA are gross.I keep buying from UE.For those interested cigarea(dot)com


I have noticed the same thing, but I'm not sure that it is from the Fire Safe changes. I have smoked Reds for 10+ years now, and I didn't like them that much when they first changed, but they never made me sick until the last 6 months or so.

I smoke alot too, it is not because of an aversion to nicotene, they must have started adding some new chemical.

It got so bad once that I started losing my vision a little bit, was incredibly nauseous, and made my skin feel insane--it was like I was momentarily hit with vertigo or something. They have deffinitely lost a customer with me.


The constant puffing required to keep the unit lit has worsened my nicotine addiction. Non-smokers have most of the political power to make policy.


i agree with OP they do really suck now, i cant keep them lit unless i puff on them constantly,

and they do dry out your throat.

they are not the same as they were.

no ripoff here just like everything else in the world if its good someone will make it bad so you have no enjoyment.


Hello So sad,

I'm of course not looking for sympathy, I am fully aware that 'smoking kills' but to smoke is -as long as cigarettes are legal- entirely my choice. What I am looking for is a tasty cigarette.

You see, there are far more people that kill themselves driving too fast and all that is done about it is the occasional campaign. Why not fit every car with a speed limiter -every truck has one; that's the exact same thing. Some people kill themselves so the product is changed so they can't.

I don't mean to step on any toes here but want to open a debate and make the industry aware that people can tell the difference and don't like it; so when anyone can tell me what brand has not changed in taste, please let me know.


Little John


They have warning labels all over each pack of cigarettes about how dangerous they're. So don't expect any sympathy because you chose to smoke cancer sticks.

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