Marlboro Red Full Flavor Cigarettes Reviews

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I've been smoking Marlboro for 26 years. Tried all others and always came back to flavor country. Loved the taste and flavor. Recently, this past year, something has changed. I have a wangy burn on my tongue. I'm gagging and chocking, and I am sweating Ammonia. I know you put Ammonia in your product to boost the nicotine effects. Please stop it. You went too far. Take it back down a notch, and go back to what was working just fine, way back....
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Marlboro reds suck the cigarette falls off the filter you cant keep it lit unless you puff on them constantly and then when you get down the butt they wont go out and the cherry falls out of them or they continue burning up the filter this is my second choice smoke i normally smoke winstons which has none of these defects and overall marlboro reds are a totally crappy cigarette now they didnt used to be this way i am choosing a new second...
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