i am so disgusted with these fsc cigarettes,supposed to fire safe..i call them fire starter cigarettes!they have burned my sofa cover,my blouses and more.just to give you an idea.

and we have so much more coughing and congestion,even sore throats and headaches.we've even considered the old roll your own,just to use the other papers,the ones you no longer use!unfortunately this has to hit your pocketbooks? don't you see a drop in sales?

very unsatisfied smoker that has smoked

marlboro lights as my first and only brand!

linda m. king

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I have smoked Marlboro reds for years. Now I get nauseated by the smell and the taste is nothing like it used to be in years past.I wonder if there is any real tobacco present in reds.I had to change to a European brand. Why did you ruin your brand?


All the warnings on your cigarettes. People ignore them.

Myself too!! Four yrs.ago I had emergency open heart surgery. Now I have 2 sons that smoke out of control. After my surgery I stopped for about 3-4 months.

It's tuff for me to quit!!!! I do like the things you have sent me. Except for one time I mailed in a zillion of the miles you collect for prizes. I saved for the tent an cookout silverware.

I'm not the sueing kind. No one forced me to smoke. When I started at 16.

That was the cool thing to do.

Just send me a catalog. Cause yall still have neat stuff.


My wife smokes marlboro light menthols. Before FSC, you wouldn't have noticed she even smoked.

Now the couch is burned, our new sheets are burned, the smoke is heavier and thicker, and smells bad as compared to before.

The end falls off all the time and when she put the cigarette down after smoking, if it doesn't get staubed out entirely, will keep burning all the way down to the filter. Really dangerous!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #251627

I cannot agree more, concerning Marlboro's fsc! I was curious to see if others were complaining and hurt by the same issue, and they're all over the Net.

I USED to smoke Marlboro lights. I cannot begin to count the times the cigarette's hot end has fallen off right onto me, and my clothing or furniture beneath me.

I have been buying Newport reds (non menthol), as they've been on sale for several months now. I bought a pack of Marlboro lights last night, and that pack was totally dangerous. Out of nowhere, for no particular reason, the hot tip falls right off. It landed right on my neck and got under my Tee shirt, burning my chest badly. I then shook my shirt, and 3 pieces of the end, very hot, landed on my poor couch, burning it for the 10th time..

Just before I looked for this site, I was sitting here playing online cards. The cherry, as we used to call the lit end, fell off and landed on my leg, burning a big hole in my new pants! My leg and chest are burned badly, as if someone intentionally did this..

I will NEVER purchase Marlboros again.. Odd, the Newposts NEVER do this, not at all. So, it's not all FSC that do this.

It's Marlboro....

Until I realized this, I've had several nice tops, pants, jeans, carpet, car seats and even my dog get burned. I assumed it was something I had done, wrong!

Last night, if I hadn't checked my sofa throughly, I could have been killed because the tip broke into 3 seperate pieces, and easily started a fire.

Keep your coupons, Marlboro/Phillip Morris unless they have some for fire insurance/funerals!


I have smoked for 42 years and NEVER burnt a thing until this new so called fire safe cigarette. Now I have burnt several pieces of clothing, carpet and chair.

what's up with that? I really don't want to quit smoking, but I guess I will opt to a different type of smoke!!

Whether it be legal or not, it has got to be safer. The government needs to back down.


I had happily smoked for 26 years. My wife for 16.

We really enjoyed them too. We noticed about a year ago that our cigarettes had red hot ashes just suddenly jump off the end and land on the carpet or the couch and keep right on burning. It was crazy! Cigarettes never did this kind of stuff before.

Sure enough, FSC cigarettes. My wife developed a TERRIBLE cough, and I began wheezing(Never had a problem before). We finally had to quit. It really *** me off that this was forced upon us with no say, vote or anything all just in time for the new health care bill.

We were both Marlboro smokers. She smoked Light 100's and I smoke the Menthol Light 100's. Also, we did not smoke lights because we believed them to be a safer cigarette. I wonder if they will begin to poison beer also.

Seems like the government is biting the hand that feeds it. Now there's a 10% Tanning Tax.

Only thing left to tax now is fresh air. I'm sure they are working on it.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #134654

I had to quit 6 weeks ago from this fsc garbage. If you don't want to quit, it's that much harder.

I did Chantix and it works but its still not a cake walk. Cigarettes are bad enough for you but the fsc are just too toxic for most normal people to tolorate. Not to mention MORE of a fire hazard than before. Look up philip morris lawsuit over fire safe merit brand around 2001.

The gov.

knows *** well these things are bad. I smell conspiracy and I'm going to *** well remember this in November!


:( Dont tell cigs r bad 4 me i know but as long as they r legal and im spending my money why did the smokers get a vote on this ***!!!!!!!!!!


I quit marlboro and now roll my own, I get a better and safer cig. No fires, no sore throats, no change in the way my food tastes!

FSC is dangerous, I've had two fires in my truck. They fall apart, shed sparks and lit paper. Who tested this ***? A robot in a lab or maybe some anti-smoking zealot that needs to mind his own business.

Next thing you know some whiner will put *** in your beer that makes you sick if you drink more than two a day. How can you justify a 11% or more increase in harmfull second hand smoke? It is a conspiracy to completely ban tobacco products. Our FDA and Federal gov.

looked the other way! Or just fell asleep on the job.


Smoking causes lung cancer. :sigh You should quit.

It would save your money, and possibly your life! Good luck to you.

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