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hello, i read some of the reviews about Marlboro rewards program and totally disagree, i have smoked only Marlboro for 20 plus years, so a half pack daily. Over the years I have been part of many rewards offers.

Also was still a customer when no rewards were offered. ALL the products I have been given through the years have been great. Most recently the Brumate can cooler which I use daily and love it. Also the stainless steel mugs.

Those are recent examples, I have a leather bag from many years ago I still use and love, ash trays and so many other items. What other company does this?

None I am aware of. I'm sorry for the people who don't feel they get anything from the rewards program, but I am here to tell you your doing it wrong because I get great rewards for a product I would purchase with no rewards.

User's recommendation: keep saving your rewards for products you will love.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Rewards Program.

Preferred solution: happy rewards customer.

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I agree! It's disheartening to read some of these negative posts.

Many come off sounding so demanding & entitled. To the negative posts: This company doesn't HAVE to do anything for us. Many brands don't. The items offered aren't "cheap junk" (just google the retail value) and you're insulting the companies that make them.

Who do you think you all are? Just give it a little thought before bombarding my post will a ton of hate.

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