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My name is Virginia Ann Mcafee. Yes, I am over the age of 21yrs old.

I am 34yrs. My DOB is 1/21/85. When I wrote to the email for your help, I got a tracking number and I’ll post that as well and write it down. It is #14607433.

As I was told, I should refer to it in here. I’m highly disappointed as a customer, to say in the least. As many years as I’ve been a loyal customer, I never really have gotten to use my birthday points. Although, I’ve gotten a very nice, free Zippo months ago, because they were giving them out.

I simply can’t log into my own account to get my coupons and redeem my recent birthday points. I called customer service and she did not help me. I’m beginning to think no one will through customer service. As I said, she just told me to go back to the log in page, then proceeded to tell me to go change my password and that will fix it.

She was wrong. It did not work. I’ve been a loyal customer for years. I’m just tired of this run around.

I was told right before I got that tracking number that I typed above, along with my name and DOB, that I’d be getting a new password and security question in my email. I don’t see it? With all due respect, if I don’t hear back soon, I’ll find the number. I’d really like this to go smoothly, so if Marlboro is still able to make this right before it’s too late, as promised, this would all be so much easier.

I would just like to see this handled the easy way. Please, fix this. I’d very much appreciate it! It shouldn’t really matter, given all of the technical issues another representative had told me about only recently.

I never got her name, either. I mean, it shouldn’t matter how much time has passed for my birthday points, though, correct? With how many days it’s been, with me, my spouse and my father, many, many of my friends and other family members all being a loyal customer to your website at for years. Another thing, I sent a similar email just like this, only without the tracking number, and I was told that once I did this, I’d have an email sent to me with a link to update my password and security question.

But, all I got back was some email about what I purchased. No where in my email to them did I mention purchasing anything!

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Account.

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