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I bought cigarettes thinking it was my usual I opened them and they weren’t what the pack said they were

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Black 100 S Menthol Cigarettes.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I’ve done the same thing here in NY. I have 6 packs currently that are incorrectly packaged and the thing that *** me off is that it’s hard to find a cigarette that doesn’t feel like I’m smoking air and the Black Menthol 100s are the only ones that work for me.

Newport’s are too weak and so is basically everything else. I even bought a pack of the regular greens to compare it against and it’s the same *** Marlboro Menthols in the Black pack, and they think people who smoke the two are too stupid to notice it.

There is a definite difference and it isn’t the filter, it’s the tobacco inside; if they just changed the filter and don’t color but kept it the same inside, I’d be fine with it, but now I’m getting pissed because I have to branch out to yet another brand to try and get the same effect and the new brand costs me $11 instead of the $9 before hand. This is enough to lose a good chunk of customers right here


There are A LOT OF posts saying this exact thing. I literally just looked it up because I usually smoke the Menthol, decided to get Blacks..I had a couple blacks left& lined them up with the Regular MB Menthols& I promise u, there is NO difference!

I thought I could taste a slight difference (personally, I think the Blacks arent as smooth) The ONLY difference was 1 had a shorter filter& the logo on the paper was a bit lower.

I looked at them under direct light& there's absolutely no way of telling them apart! You're definitely not alone on this!


Lately every time I buy a pack of Marmont all bolds I get regular menthols in there and it's really started *** me off I hate regular menthols I want my cigar's to be in my pack I'm about to switch brands


All threw February when o bought blacks hundreds they were Marlboro menthol hundreds but I was cool with it bc the blacks 50cent off and cheaper. But I do prefer Marlboro menthol hundreds .but they must have finally fixed it bc today there's blacks in the blacks pack again!


Courtnaysable14@gmail.com I'm going to keep complaining every time!


I have had the same issue. I called and complained.

They told me they have changed the look of the cigarette. I called bulls*it on that. I switched from Newport to Blacks, not to regular Marb Menthol bc I do NOT like them! They go through a series of questions and will refund.

Good luck on the amount!

I'm super upset and have switched brands. A big F U to Phillip Morris!!!!

to Courtney Parish #1667299

How do you call and complain I need a number BC I hate regular marl. menthol, I want my menthol blacks back!


This past week every pack of black 100s I've gotten has been Marlboro red 100s I'm starting to get pissed. In NH and MA all week.


Same here...they now lost me as a consumer twice...They (Phillip Morris)..now know as Altria... stopped making the L&M bold 100's...so I switched to Marlboro black menthol 100's..now even they have screwed that up...guess I am going back to Newports...you screwed me twice Phillip Morris (now known as Altria)...now screw you.


Same thing happened to me!! Such *** is there a way to get in touch with the company?


I have been buying Marlboro menthol blacks for a long time and recently, there have been REGULAR MARLBORO MENTHOLS in the pack. I'm very pissed and Marlboro has lost my trust and money.

to Greg W7 #1661808

I feel ya. I work at the gas station where I buy my cigarettes and everyone that buys Black menthols are switching brands to Newports.

Such shame when these damn things are almost $8.00. DON'T *** WITH MY BRAND OF CIGARETTES!


I’m getting pissed off I keep buying Marlboro blacks and they are different every time!!!!!!!


I have as well!! I called and everything, they said they switched the filter! I said I’m smoking air


Update..i call their consumer hotline and they told me they changed the look of the marlboro black mentols. The marlboro on the cigarette is now written in green instead of blue and there is now 2 lines on the filter.


Same thing happened to me !! I knew as soon as I saw the cigarette something was wrong I thought they changed the print on the cigarette , I smoked two thinking I was crazy !! But unfortunately I was not crazy , I'm so upset .


Same thing here! Bought 2 packs and got regular menthols inside.

Turkey hill wont let me return them either.

I contacted marlboro to see if they can give me a refund. Still waiting for a reply.


Same here! Different gas stations and all the same I noticed it’s only the ones that have the point rewards on them.

Bogus! Waste of money!


I have bought 4 packs at different stores and they are wrong cigarettes. Right pack wrong cigarette.


Same here have bought 3 packs abd had wrong kind!!!!! You will be losing a customer Xoxotaylor.tp@gmail.com

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