How do I track my reward that I redeem with all of the points I have saved up? I ordered the Viper Dartboard back on January 11th, they said to wait about 4 to 6 weeks for my prize to be shipped and although the status has said shipped I still haven't received my reward.

I cannot find a way to track my reward, I can't find a way to figure out anything about it.

Can anybody please tell me how to figure out where my prize is? I would love to receive it sooner than later!

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Rewards Program.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

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they made it where all the millions of people have to call in to have them reset their password then you get to call again to reset it again tcuz it didnt work then the site tries to get you to set a 5 digit code instead. yea, need a ____load of points to get and cheaper stuff but who else besides camel has ever tried to reward us for killing ourselves?


email them. i got a response, i think it is a training center for millennial customer service.

Although they did reply. EmailUs@***.Marlboro.com I have been waiting over 4 months for my rewards

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