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I just bought two packs of Marlboro Black 100s the actual cigarette now has two gold lines around the filter and it tastes like a light cigarette not a Marlboro Black 100

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Cigarettes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I smoke marlboro menthol blacks and they have changed them ton. Taste the same as regular marlboro menthol


All they did is put Marlboro 100's red in the black 100's box. Red 100s suck!

Marlboro should be honest and let us know why they secretly did away with the blacks. When I called them they said there's no difference and they tried saying they're not red 100's and sent me a coupon.

I no longer smoke Marlboro because they're liars! I'm guessing something was up with the blacks and they needed to do away with them before they had lawsuits.


Same here they taste like special blend reds and have same gold.rings


I’m pissed about Marlboro changing the Marlboro menthol blacks. They look completely different and taste stale.

Not the same at all. Beyond upset.


I have smoked blacks since they came out in my town as $5.25 these new 100's are not a regular black Marlboro can lie all they want I know what these smokes are suppose to taste like and it is very displeasing to see that they would lie to there costomers


They're basically just red labels. They taste just like it.

Makes me nauseous and give me headaches. The shorts have all been the same though.


I believe the filters changed recently too. They are now very soft & mushy.


Same here! So pissed! Why would they do that?!


I called and talked to Marlboro they claim there's no difference in taste or anything other than the look. *** it's a complete different cig now and they're horrible!

to Leah #1665165

I've had the same experience with a whole carton of cigarettes. This is so disrespectful for such a company with their name!!

Plain bullsh** i soend my hard earned money exoecting ro get what i pay for and its a marlboro freaking light cigarette if i wanted a marlboro light i would ha e bought a marlboro light. Theyre also puttimg the blue pack of cigarettes into the short boxes in substitute foe the black shorts


These are so gross. Read that the Special selects are same as old Black...anyone know?

to Monica #1661557

Update- I can say the Selects aren't the same. Miss the black they seemed smooth without the airholes...

to Monica #1661988

Bait and switch


Hate Hate Hate these


Basterds! Why would they do that! The new ones are aweful


They are different I have 2 packs 1 of the new and 1 of the original


I didnt even notice the change at first ... only the headaches and nausea. Thanks Marlboro for inspiring me to QUIT.

to Former Marlborosmoker #1679086



They give me a headache now too and aren't the same!! Yuck!


Look for ones without the circle stamp on the top of the box

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