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My cigarettes have been tasting so disgusting lately! My husband & I smoke Marlboro red 72s, we have for years now but I dont even really know how to explain the taste other than sweet, they taste extremely sweet & awful!

We have wasted our money on several packs lately b/c they was so bad we couldnt even smoke them! I love my 72s but something needs to be done about this b/c I bet Im not the only one. My husband said the same thing they they tasted sweet but its a weird type of sweet. Im not sure if something has got on the tobacco or what but Im thinking about having it tested?

Its kinda scary because you dont really know for sure!

I hope Marlboro will reach out to me & my husband so we can get this situation fixed properly & quickly because its getting frustrating wasting my money on cigs. But I hope this can be fixed properly & quickly because when I smoke different cigs I get horrible headaches, I kept a headache for days when we bought those couple packs that was horrible tasting then got snowed in & couldnt get to the store to get more & had to smoke different cigs so I had a headache for days literally!

User's recommendation: If this situation don’t change or be handled properly I wouldn’t recommend the 72s.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Cigarettes.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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