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I’d like a new pack of cigs please, marb blues shorts

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Cigarettes.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Don't smoke if you can't afford it. Get a job.


May I ask why? Am I missing something?

From what I can see you have a pack of smokes with 20/20 cigarettes. Are you just asking for an additional pack of cigarettes for the *** of it?

Are you a bit peeved because every pack you've ever purchased, received, stolen, etc., throughout your entire __ year smoking career, has always only contained exactly 20/20 smokes, but you feel that it would only be fair if 2 or 3 packs per carton had 25/20 to reward you for your loyalty and massive monetary contributions to the incredibly over-inflated salaries of Big Tobacco year after year, an amount of money so significant had you not spent it on attempting to acquire cancer you could have purchased a Lamborghini Aventador by now in which you could shuffle off this mortal coil in a much more enjoyable and much faster way (get it?) than battling cancer through round after round of chemo and unbelievable pain or maybe it's just because of the fact that since so many people ask if "you have an extra cigarette, by chance?" and you never do, it'd the nice thing for them to do? Yeah, I must be missing something.

to CheekyCharlesinCharge #1594498

I think he's talking about the dirty filters ***

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