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In the past couple of weeks I have bought several black 100s,and I keep getting red 100s. It's *** *** cause I keep spending my money on blacks, to recive reds.

If I wanted smoke reds I'd buy em.

But I don't. It's waisting my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marlboro Cigarettes.

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Also in North Carolina Marlboro menthol In black pack


Also happening in Arizona! Marlboro Black Menthol with Marlboro lights inside! I hope they respect and take care of they're customers!


I'm having the same problem. Can I ask what state your in?

I'm in Texas. I have emailed company with no reply yet.


YES!!! I’ve bought 3 packs!!

I thought I was nuts! It’s so irritating!! I’ve mentioned it to the gas station and of course, not their fault, they just said it’s probably a packaging error. I wonder what the manufacture would do about it.

I just opened another. Seems common with their new ones with the rewards code inside.

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